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Pendle Pro is one of South Africa's fastest growing makers of backtracks. We always try to give our clients exactly what they need, we will always try to walk the extra mile and most important of all is the fact that we want our customers to be completely satisfied.

We can proudly say that we always try to make our backtracks sound as close as possible to the real thing and what's more, EVERY backtrack we sell we created ourselves.


At PENDLE PRO we provide a number of exclusive services.

Privacy Policy

Should a person have his or her own composition that he or she would like to have a musical arrangement made for, Pendle Pro is the place to come to. Our policy with regard to own compositions is that we do not share music that is the property of a client with any other person. So you may rest assured that your music is safe with us.

Please note that Pendle Pro do not sell any other backtracks than those we created ourselves. No downloadable midi files or any other items from other people, organisations, companies, or sites on the Internet will be hosted here, unless a written request, accompanied by the correct legal procedures, copyright permissions, etc. has been received.


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