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On this page you can view a catalogue of all of our backtracks or listen to audio samples in mp3 format of our work. The terms of use regarding our products are also available for perusal.

You can view the full catalogue in text format by clicking here: PPCatalogue.txt

(Please note that in order to view the catalogues, you need a compatible browser or have Adobe Acrobat Viewer or other suitable software installed on your computer.)

For further information, or to place an order, please e-mail Quinten or contact him via cellphone (+27) 078 035 1065.


Sample recordings

On this page you may download a selection of some of Pendle Pro's finest backtracks. The selection will be updated regularly, so check back often!

The music is saved in mp3 format, which means that you will need a compatible browser or suitable software such as iTunes, WinAmp or MS Media Player to listen to the music.

All of our supplied products are recorded in high fidelity, 16-bit 44.1 kHz, CD quality.

As from January 2015, we now also offer high quality, High Definition backing tracks. To listen to samples from our HD library, please go here.

In some of the cheaper backtracks listed below, you will hear a piano playing the melody. That is just to give you an indication of how the track would sound; the melody is not included in the tracks we sell.

To listen to an extensive list of samples, from our normal tracks, please click here, or feel free to download a small selection of samples right here.


The following samples, are arrangements we had to do for customers with very definite specifications:

The following link will let you download a sample from one of the albums recorded at Pendle Pro's studios.
The artist you are about to here, is Brian Harvey, who finished recording his first album towards the end of 2003.
Not only is Brian an excellent song writer and vocalist, his guitar work is also outstanding.
After you have downloaded the sample from his album called Stonecast Feather, and you want to enquire about performances, placing an order for one of his cd's, etc. etc., please feel free to contact Brian.
To download the sample now, please click


Radio Ads

Do you have a product or service you would like to have advertised on radio?
At Pendle Pro we can compile a radio ad for you, ranging between 15 and 60 seconds.
We can compile any kind of radio ad, with background music, singing and voice overs, stereo sound effects, etc. etc.
For more information, please feel free to send Quintenan e-mail, or contact him on his cell phone at 083 395 4593.
Please note that prices on our radio ads can only be determined after we have evaluated our customer's needs.


All backtracks listed in our catalogue, are charged at R150 a piece. Backtracks that do not appear in the catalogue, can be composed and recorded at a cost of R500 per track.

We now also supply High Definition tracks, and these can be ordered at R800 a piece.

The above mentioned prices do not include medleys:
Medleys, longer than 4 minutes are charged at R500 and for every extra minute thereafter, a further R80 will be payable.

Backtracks are available in the following formats:
(Please note that these prices refer ONLY to the medium the backtracks are being recorded on and are ADDED to the base cost of creating or supplying the backtrack.)

  • Audio/mp3 files on audio/data CD-R: free
  • Audiofiles as mp3 via e-mail: R10 per backtrack
  • Midifiles on CD-R or e-mail: free (supplied at client's own risk)
The costs of artist recording and accompaniment are negotiated on a per client basis depending on the scope of the project. For further information please e-mail Quinten or contact him via cellphone (+27) 078 035 1065.


Ordering backtracks online

It is now possible for you to order your backtracks online. To be taken directly to an online form that you can fill out and submit, please click here.


Terms of use

Terms of use:

Pendle Pro accepts no responsibility for any defects or other problems that originate from the use of our midi files.
Customers who want to use our music in midi format are advised that:
  • Not all of our backtracks are in General Midi (GM) format
  • Some of our backtracks may not be fully compatible with other systems than those they are designed on
  • It is highly recommended that backtracks are ordered in a recorded audio format on either audio or data (mp3) CD-R disks
Please note that all transactions happen on a cash-on-delivery (COD) basis and that we cannot accommodate late payments.
In the case of problems encountered with our backtracks, the customer must report the problem no later than 7 (seven) days after he/she received the product.
If a customer fails to report problems in due time, the customer will be held responsible for FULL payment of subsequent adjustments to the backtrack
Should a customer report a problem within seven days, Pendle Pro accepts responsibility for replacing the backtrack(s).


Please note that all the material on this website remain the sole property of Pendle Pro and that no distribution of any of our material in any format is allowed.
Pendle Pro sells backtracks to clients, but the copyright always remains that of Pendle Pro.
If anyone should distribute our material, it is in direct violation of all the copyright laws,and such a person will be delt with in the most appropriate way.

For the detail copyright issues that involve any or all of our material, please download the complete legal disclaimer:

You can download the legal disclaimer in text format by clicking here: PPDisclaimer.txt (12kb).

Alternatively, you can download the legal disclaimer in PDF format by clicking here: PPDisclaimer.pdf (52kb).

(Please note that in order to view the documents, you need a compatible browser or have Adobe Acrobat Viewer or other suitable software installed on your computer.)


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